Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is in the air!

Wow, has the time flown by!! I can't believe we are already through September. There is a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year and I can't wait. Some girls from highschool and I decided we would have to plan our ten year reunion since no one else seemed to be doing so. We will have our first official meeting this weekend to delegate responsibilities and I hope it goes smoothly. I can't believe it has already been 10 years! Susie, Liz and I were looking at old pictures and reminiscing about high school last night at dinner. It's amazing how long ago it seemed when you look at old pictures but doesn't seem that long thinking back.
This week, Aimee and I are starting our pilates class. It should be interesting to say the least!! I just hope Im not too sore to pick up the baby the next day...lol.
The kids are all doing great. Reagan, Jackson and Kennedy are loving school and making new friends. They all have wonderful teachers and I love FBCS more and more each year. Mrs. Emerson, the principal, is doing so many wonderful things there. I look forward to all the new and exciting changes that are going to happen in the future.
Grant is now 3 months old. He is growing like a weed and trying to roll over. He is such a light in my life. I enjoy getting to spend time with him during the day and enjoy each precious moment. I got to do that of course with Reagan but felt like I missed out on so much with the twins because there were two of them and it just felt like a big fuzzy blur!!! I can't wait to take Grant back to the doctor to see how much he's grown. He is going to be a bruiser!
Brian is working a lot these days and we are so thankful. It's nice to have that right now when there are so many who are struggling because of this economy.
Jason and Justin are both about to embark on their new jobs in Africa. They are going to be working a month on/a month off. I am happy for them and hope that they enjoy their new endeavors.
Well, I guess I better run for now. I am out of coffee and that is not a good thing!! Til next time!

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