Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marching into Spring!

Since I've last written, I have learned I am carrying a baby boy and we have decided to name him Grant. The middle name has not been decided yet. We had to keep along with the presidential name trend we had going. I had a great ultrasound that Aimee got to go to with me. Brian had to take a class that morning so he was unable to go. It was really cool and I got some really neat pictures and a video of it.
Only three months left of this last pregnancy. I am ready to meet my little man and have my body back. I am so uncomfortable!! I get more and more excited as each day passes because I am soon going to have another little baby to hold and love. The kids are getting excited and Jackson tells me everyday, Mama, I love your baby! He's so sweet.

The kids got to experience their very first Mardi Gras this year. It was exciting for them after the initial parade. I think it was too much at first but once they got the idea of what Mardi Gras was, they enjoyed catching beads and playing with their friends. We went to the Children's Parade with Nana and the parades on Tuesday with our friends and their kiddos. The kids caught a lot of stuff but I "accidentally" left a lot of it there. Shhhh!

We spent this past weekend with Erica and Carson. It was a nice visit and I enjoyed having them here. Carson is a hoot, he made me laugh the whole time between getting flipped off (not on purpose mind you, but the timing was perfect), his cuck coo noises, his sweet smiles, and his little cries to let you know he's NOT happy. Erica and I always have a great time visiting. She's my sister at heart. This weekend was also Analise's 2nd birthday. It was such a nice party and I hated I forgot my camera. There were so many cute photo opportunities I missed. Analise had a wonderful day and got tons of toys. She was just precious and so much fun to be around.

I am looking forward to going to Florida next month. We are going for Easter weekend and some friends/family will also be joining us. I can't wait to get there. There's been some things going on around here that I just need a break from. It will be nice to get to relax and enjoy the beach one last time before Grant arrives. I can't wait!!!

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